To view the Archives video, a user would just click on the Archives tab. Archives is our term for the recorded video.


From the Calender page, the user just has click on the Archives icon for the day for which the recorded video needs to be reviewed.


From the Hours page, the user would just click on the Hour for which they wish to view the video. The Hours in Blue have recorded video. The hours in Grey do not have recorded video.


The Archive Player will allow the user to easily play-back the recorded video by clicking on the arrows.

As with the Live Streaming video, they may create an instant Snapshot by clicking on the Snapshot button.

Should the user wish to go to another time, they would just use the Select another time feature.

For a permanent copy of some video, they may create a Video Clip of a designated segment of time from the recorded video. This video clip can then be down-loaded to a local computer, tablet or smart phone.