What is the Video Surveillance Center?


The Video Surveillance Center is a is a web-based software application that was created by byRemote for the purpose of the viewing and administration of the live streaming and recorded video from remotely located network cameras or video servers.

Our vision in designing the Video Surveillance Center software was to create a web-based based video surveillance solution that was user-friendly, easy to navigate and simple to access. From anywhere at anytime. The Video Surveillance Center software does not require any on-site DVR or NVR to record the video. Nor, does it require that any client-side software be installed on the viewing computer or device. Or that a relay server be installed on-site. All that is needed is a browser and an Internet connection.

A simple user interface is used. Just point and click to view the surveillance video

Below is a quick over-view of the features of the byRemote Video Surveillance Center software. The images are screen shots of  un-retouched video taken from the Video Surveillance Center software. Click on the image for a larger view.

A user will login with their unique Username and Password

Our thought is to use a generic interface.There is no mention of byRemote

A list of the available cameras for the user will appear

The user would then click on the camera for which they wish to view the surveillance video

The video from the selected camera will then appear

From here, with a click of the mouse, or a touch of the finger, the user can;

  • View the live streaming video in the Normal or Large view.
  • Take an instant Snapshot.
  • Click on the Popup to put the live streaming video into its own window. The Video Surveillance Center software may then be minimized or closed and the video will stay on the screen.
  • Access the recorded video. We call this the Archived video.

For the user, only the features for the camera will show for which the user has been given permission for. This prevents confusion and the annoying “you are not permitted” messages.

The user may take an Instant Snapshot

Once that the user has taken the Instant Snapshot;

  •  They may add their Comments and Print the snapshot.
  • Or, they may save it to their local hard drive, tablet or smart phone.
  • The Snapshot feature is also available with the Archived (recorded) video.
The Camera Group Feature


The Camera Group feature will allow each user to create their own custom groups of the live streaming video from the network cameras that they have access to


  • The user can create as many camera groups as they wish. Each group can be in the Normal or Thumbnail view.
  • The View 2, 3, 4, 5 buttons allow the video to be tiled across the top of the page for the easier viewing of the live streaming video.
  • Each different group, Normal or Thumbnail, can also have its own custom view of the live streaming video from different network cameras.

Normal Group View

Thumbnail Group View

Instantly playback the recorded video

The user will just click on the Archives tab to view the surveillance video. Archives is our term for the recorded video.

A Calender Page will then appear

From the Calender page, the user just has to click on the Archives icon for the day for which the recorded video needs to be reviewed.

An Hours Page will then appear

From the Hours page, the user would just click on the Hour for which they wish to view the video. The Hours in Blue will have recorded video. The hours in Grey will not have recorded video.

An Archive Player will appear

  • The Archive Player will allow the user to easily play-back the recorded video by clicking on the arrows.
  • As with the Live Streaming video, they may create an instant Snapshot by clicking on the Snapshot button.
  • Should the user wish to go to another time, they would just use the Select another time feature.
  • For a permanent copy of some video, they may create a Video Clip of a designated segment of time from the recorded video. This video clip can then be down-loaded to a local computer, tablet or smart phone.

From the Archive Player, a user may create a Video Clip

Creating a Video Clip

  1. Start Clip. A starting time of the recorded video is marked by clicking on the hash marks, || to pause the video. The Start Clip button is then clicked on. Then, the playback of the video started by clicking on the >.
  2. End Clip. When the ending point of the recorded video is reached, The hash marks, ||,  are then clicked on to mark the ending time for the the video. The End Clip button is clicked on.
  3. Save Clip. The Save Clip button is then clicked on. A screen will appear where the user may add their own description and comments. The Save Clip button is then clicked on to save the video clip.

Finding the Video Clip

Once that the video clip has been saved

  • The user just has to click on the Clip tab that is located in the upper right of the page.
  • The video clip will then show in the list of the saved video clips.

The user may view and download the Video Clip

To download the video clip;

  • Click on the description of the video clip to view a preview image of the video clip and then download the video clip.
  • Or, just click on the Wheel icon, to download the video clip.