When you have logged in, you will see the Locations
  • Locations are where the camera feeds are added.. You may create multiple locations, each with its own camera video feeds.
  • Each location will show a map that is based on the location address.
  • To view the video feed, or feeds, from a location, just click on the name of the location.
  • For this lesson, this is the Location one. This is a location that we have added for this lesson.
  • We have added a Floorplan to the location for this lesson. This is an optional feature.

This will then display the Locations page
  • On the Locations page, you will see the static video image for the camera feeds that will have been added to the location. The location information will also show at the bottom of the page. Note. These camera video feeds may change. As, it is necessary to change them occasionally.
  • Also, we have added a Floorplan to the location for this lesson. This is an optional feature. 
  • You will have two options for viewing the video feed. By clicking on the static video feed image or from the floorplan, if you have added one.
  • We will show each of the options below.

Using the static image
  • Just click the image for which you wish to view the video feed.
  • A live streaming video feed will show.
  • Archived video. Below the live video feed will  show the Archived video. This is the recorded video stream. The video stream is archived in 15 minute time period clips.
  • With using the From and To calendar, you may select the day and time for which you wish to view the archived video.
  •  Shown on the page are eight archived recording periods. To show more, just click on the page number . In this example, there are 12 Recordings, so there are two pages. For each of the listings, the Start Time and End time, Duration and Status will show. For the Status, a check mark means that the video stream was archived. Should a   show, this means that there was an error in recording.
  • Play. To view the video clip, just click on the play icon;   .
  • Download. To download the video, click on the download icon; . The video clip will then be downloaded as a MP4 file.
  • For examples of the video feeds when using the Play and Download, see the Using the Archives lesson.

 Using the Floorplan
  • The floorplan will have the camera icon that was dragged and dropped from the list of available camera video feeds.
  • For this lesson, we have placed the three camera icons. The camera icons were selected for the video feed when it was added.
  • To show the video feed, you will just click on the camera icon.
  • This will then show a static image of the video feed with the video feed name. Just click on the video feed name to show the video.
  • The viewing of the live and archived video feeds are the same as shown above.
 How do we create a floorplan?
  • The floorplan is added as a JPEG or PNG image. This may be created from the location blueprint. There are a number of software applications that will do this. RoomSketcher is one. With RoomSketcher, you may also create your own floor plan.