Upon logging in, you will see the Camera groups page
  • Camera groups are used to for a convenient place to view the camera video feeds that will need to be viewed often.
  • You will be able to create as many Camera groups as you wish.
  • To view a video feed, you would click on the Camera Group name.
  • We will click on the Live Demonstration camera group.

This will then display the video feeds that have been added to the camera group
  • To go to the video feed, just click on the  that is located next to the  .
  • You will then access the live and archived video feeds as shown in the lesson; Using the Locations.

Can we change the camera video feeds in a Camera Group?
  • Yes you may, but it will require the administrator user permit permission. Here is how we would change a camera group.
  • You click on the  .
  • The selected camera video feeds will then show.
  • To change the camera group name, you will just type in the changes. We have changed it to show as Live demonstration camera group two cameras.
  • To change the camera video feeds, you will just un-check or check the camera video feeds. We have un-checked the Setup area camera video feed.
  • To save, you will click on the  tab that is located at the lower left of the page. Should you have changed your mind, you would just click on the   tab.

The edited camera group will then show
  • For this example, we are showing the Live demonstration camera group two cameras with the two video feeds showing.

In the Camera groups section on the dashboard, the Live demonstration camera group two cameras will now show
  • Note. We have changed the camera group name back to the Live demonstration camera group.