Live Video Demonstration

Let’s see what the video looks like…

Log onto the Vision Platform software

Just click on the Vision Platform Login image

The Vision Platform is the software that provides the off-site hosting of the surveillance video for the Hosted Video as a Service.

This will take you to a page where you may login to the Live Video Demonstration



A dashboard gives you access to the customer account with the locations, camera groups, and users

Locations are where you will see the video feeds from the devices at that location. A device may be a network camera, video server, DVR or NVR

Camera groups are where you will set up groups of one, all or selected video feeds

Unlimited users. Each user will have permits which will allow them to see and do only what they should


Free 15-Day Test Drive

Try out the Hosted Video as a Service for free for 15-days

No credit card required

We do not require a credit card to start the Free 15-Day Test Drive

Full Featured

You will have your own customer account and user login

During the 15-days, you will be able to view the live streaming and recorded video


byRemote Hosted Video as a Service

Live Streaming Video

Instantly view the live streaming video

Custom Groups

Create groups of the video streams from all or selected devices at the locations

Help Desk

You receive unlimited support with the byRemote Hosted Video as a Service

Recorded Video

Your video is automatically recorded in video clips. One click to view or download

Unlimited Users

Create as many users as needed. Each user with their own permits for what they may see or do

Secure Video Hosting

We use a secure SSL https connection, not just http
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