When you have logged in, on the dashboard, you will see the Camera groups

  • Camera groups are used to view all of the camera video feeds, video feeds from selected locations or selected video feeds from multiple locations. 
  • You may create multiple groups.
  • To view a camera groups, you will just click on the camera group name.
  • We are going to click on the Live demonstration camera group.

This will then display the video feeds that have been selected 

  • This will show a page with the Floorplan and the static images of the video feeds from the devices.
  • For each page, six video feeds will show. Should there be more than six video feeds, additional pages will show.
  • You would then click on the page number to show the video feeds for that page.
  • To go to the video feed, just click on the video feed name.
  • You will then see the video feed as shown in the Viewing the video from the locations lesson.
  • In the upper right of each video feed are two icons.
  • Clicking on the   will take an instant snapshot.
  • Clicking on the    will show the video in the full screen mode.
  • In the upper right corner of the page you will see the   . Should you have multiple pages of video feeds, the pages will automatically cycle. This will turn this off.
  • To turn the auto cycle back on, you would just click on the   .

Can we change the video feeds in a group?

  • Yes, you may. This will require the administrator user level permit.
  • In the upper right corner of the page is the edit icon  . 
  • Click on this will show a page where you may change the group name and the video feeds by checking , or un-checking,  them.
  • You may also edit another location by clicking on the location.
  • We have changed the group name to Live demonstration group with driveway and parking lot entry and un-checked the Quick service restaurant video feed.

To save your changes, just click on the  SAVE button. Should you change youre mind, click on the CANCEL button.

  • The group will then show with the changes made. 

The groups, with the changes, will now show in the Camera groups area of the dashboard

  • You may also edit a group from the Camera groups area by clicking on the pencil icon under the edit. Or delete a group by clicking on the trash can icon located under Delete.