• The Streams is the streaming video from a network IP camera, video encoder, DVR or NVR.
  • For the Streams, there are the Live, Archives and Favourites features.
  • In this lesson, we are going to show how to use the Archives feature of the Streams.
What are the Archives?
  • The Archives are the recorded video streams from the IP camera, video encoder DVR or NVR.
  • The Archives will show as a listing under the Streams.

We need to click on the Archives listing.

What will we see on the STREAMS – ARCHIVES page. And, what can we do?
  1. Level: The Video Management System has levels. A video stream can then be assigned to a level. You may then select the level from the drop down list. The levels will be setup by the administrator.
  2. Location: As with the level, a video stream may be assigned to a location. You may then select the location from the drop down list. These will be setup by the administrator.
  3. Select Device: This will be a drop down list of the devices from which the video stream comes from. The devices will have been setup previously by the administrator. We have selected the Demo Main Street.
  4. Select View: At present, the option is List.
  5. Select Date: Select the date for which the archived video is to viewed. A date picker is used to select the date. This is explained in the Live lesson. We have selected the date of 06/20/2017.
  6. Show entries: This is a drop down list where you may select to show more entries on the page. 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 and All. The default is 5. For this example, we have selected 10.
  7. Date: This is the date that you selected in the Select Date field.
  8. Start Time: The video stream is archived in an hour long time frame. This is the start time of the hour.
  9. End Time: This is the end time of the hour.
  10. View: Clicking on the    button will allow you to view the archived video. The video stream will be viewed in the same player as explained in the View lesson.
  11. Download: Clicking on the   button will allow you to download the hour long archived video in a MP4 file.
  12. Play Clip: This will allow you play a time segment from the hour long archived video. You will enter in the Start Time: and the End Time and then click on the  button to play the video.
  13. Move: Clicking on the   button will move the hour long archived video segment to the Vault area. The Vault area is used for storing video clips, and other files, in the Video Management System software. Rather than downloading the video clips to a local device. As a note, The video clip files that have been moved to the Vault, will show as Pending . It will require an admin user level to publish the video clip files. Once that the video clip files have been published, they may be viewed and downloaded. The Move procedure is explained in Lesson 6.
  14.  .This will show the number of pages based on the Show entries that have been selected. As we have selected to show 10 entries, there are three pages.
Let’s step through the features for what we can do with the hour of archived video?
  • The features are; Select, View, Download, Play Clip and Move.
  • We will review each of these features.
  • Select the device. We have selected the Demo Main Street. This is an IP camera.

  •  Select the date. June 20th has been selected.

Select the Show entries. We want to show more entries than 5. We have selected 10.

The hours of archived video will be displayed.


To view the hour long segment of archived video, just click on the  button for the hour of video. We have selected the hour of 17:00 till 18:00. This is 5 to 6 PM in the 12 hour clock.

This hour long segment of video will then be displayed in the player. As with the player in the View Lesson, the playback controls, motion grid and PTZ controls are available.


To download the hour long archived video as a MP4 video clip, you would just click on the   button.

The video clip will then be down loaded.

Once that you have downloaded the video clip, it may be viewed in a player that will support the MP4 file. The controls will be for the viewer that you are using.

Play Clip
  • This is a very useful feature. With the Play Clip function, you may play a segment of the video from the hour long archive.

In the hour long archive selection, you will see a place where you may select the Start Time and the End Time from a drop down minutes list. For this example, we have selected the time for 10 to 20 minutes.

Start Time

End Time

Once that you click on the  button, the 10 minute segment of video will show in the video player.