• The Streams is the streaming video from a network IP camera, video encoder, DVR or NVR.
  • For the Streams, there are the Live, Archives and Favourites features.
  • In this lesson, we are going to show how to use the Live feature of the Streams.
What is the Live?
  • The Live shows the video streams from the device. A device may be an IP camera, video encoder, DVR or NVR.

The Live will show as a listing under the Streams. Remember, if the listing is not showing under the Streams, just click on the  .

Now, we need to click on the Live listing.

  • Once, that we have clicked on the Live listing, we will see the STREAMS – LIVE page.


What will we see on the STREAMS – LIVE page. And, what can we do?
  1. Level. This is the level that the Streams have been assigned to. This is done when the stream is assigned in the device setup.
  2. Location. As with the Level, each stream may be assigned to a location.
  3. Device Name. This is the name of the device from which the stream is coming from.
  4. Location. This is the location listing for the device that was assigned to.
  5. Play. For each device, a green  or  icon will show. If green, the video stream is available. If red, the video stream is not available.
  6. . This allows you to select all of the devices, and to deselect all of the devices. You may also select a single device, or multiple devices, by clicking on the  to the left of the device name. This is used to view the video from a single device, or from a selected group of devices. There are no playback controls on the view video.
  7. . By clicking on the Play icon, the selected video from the device, or devices, will show in a separate tab/window.

  • Play. To view and playback the live video stream, just click on the   icon. This will display the video stream in the Live view with the playback controls.
  • For an example, we will click on the icon for the Demo Main Street device. This will launch the Live view with the playback controls.
What will we see on the Live view? And what can we do?

There are a number functions.

  1. Device name. The Device Name will show here. This is a unique name that given to the device when it is setup. In this case; Demo Main Street.
  2. Live video stream. The live video stream will show with the video playing.
  3. Hours grid. The hours grid will allow you to select a specific hour from which you may view the video. By clicking on an hour, the playback control bar will then show. This will allow you playback that hour of video.
  4. Controls. . These are controls by which you may move left, right, up and down by clicking on the arrows;  Clicking on the circle icon will home the location of the video. You may zoom in and out on the video by clicking on the;   and;    hour glass icons. These are commonly called pan/tilt/zoom or PTZ controls. These PTZ controls are digital only. They do not move the device, only the location within the video image.
  5. Archives. The archives will allow you to review the recorded video from the Live view page. This is very convenient.

Hours grid
  • The hours grid will allow you to select a specific hour for which to view the video. It will then show in red.
  • To select the hour, just click on the hour. For this example, we have selected the 09:00 hour. Once that you have selected an hour, the video will start to play automatically.
  • Playback control bar. With bringing the mouse pointer down to lower area of the video, a control bar will appear; .
  • Should you wish to move the play the video forward or backward, just move the;  forward or backward. A hover message will appear to show the time location of the movement.
  • Should you wish to pause the video, you would just click on the hash bars icon; .
  • To re-start the video, just click on the;   again.
  • Audio. This is for future use.
  • Full screen. . Click on this icon, for the full screen view. The live streaming video will now show in the full screen mode.

Live view Hours grid

Motion detection grid
  • You will notice that, when you selected the hour, a grid appeared below the hours. It has grey and blue squares. Each square is for 10 minutes.
  • The grey squares are where no motion occurred. The blue squares are where motion did occur.
  • To view the video from a blue square, just bring your mouse pointed over a blue square, a hover will show the time. To show the video for where motion detection has occurred, just click on the blue square.
  • The video will then appear in the view with the playback controls. These are the same controls as explained in the Live view. This feature is very useful for quickly accessing an instance where activity occurred.

Live view motion indicators

  • Archives are the recorded video. With the Video Management System, you may view the archived (recorded) video directly from the Live view. This is very convenient, as you do not have to go to another page.
  • The video is archived in hours. In this example, the archiving has been set for 7-days, or 168 hours. This will provide a look-back period of 168 hours. As a note, the video may be archived for any period of time.

To view the Archived video, a date picker is used. This date picker has two options to select the day for which you wish to view the archived video.

The first is to use the    to scroll up or down to select the day. As an example, we have scrolled back to the date of 06/20/2017. In this example, the default (todays) date is 06/21/2017. As there are 7-days of archived video available, you may scroll back 7-days. Then click on the select button. The video playback player will then show the video for the day selected. In this example, this was 06/20/2017.

Live view select Archives date

The second is to click on the   icon to show the calendar. Then, just click on the date to show the video playback player. The default (todays) date of 06/21/2017 will show in grey. In this example, the video has been archived for 7-days. The available archived dates for the video will show in white for days with 24 hours of archived video, and light blue for a day with partial hours.

Archives calendar

When  you click on a selected day, that day will show in the date picker. Then, just click on the Select button, the video playback player will then show the video for the day selected. In this example, this was 06/20/2017.

Archives select date

  • To return back to the Live view with the default (today’s) date video, just click on the  button.