The Dashboard is the user interface for the Video Management System software. The Dashboard will show the features of the Video Management Software for which the user has the permission to see and use.

Should you already have an account setup in the Video Management System software, you will have been provided with your user login and password.

Go to this URL; 

You will then see the login page;

  • Login with the provided Username and Password. 

Should you not have account, we do have a live video demonstration. Here is the link to the web page with the instructions; Live Video Demonstration. Just click on the link, this will go to a web page with the instructions.

We do have a Free 30-Day Test Drive. We encourage you to sign up. Just go to; Free 30-Day Test Drive.

Once that you have logged in you will see a Dashboard.

  • This provides the quick and easy navigation to the features of the Video Management System software.
  • The dashboard will only show the features that are available for the user level.
  • For this lesson we are showing the dashboard with the features that will show when a user is logged in with the customer user level.
Logo Branding.
  • A logo may be added to the Video Management System Software. The logo will then show when a user logs in.

Here is an example

Dashboard Features

  • To the right of each of the Features is the .  Just click on this to see the listings that are available for each of the features. We will call these applications.
  • The features that are available are based on the user policy.
  • In this lesson, we are showing the features and applications that are available with the dealer admin user. The dashboard features and application listings will change based on the user level.

. Under the dashboard are the Feature listings.  Each feature will then have the applications for the feature listed. This also serves as a Home button. You may just click on the Dashboard to return to the this page.

. Under the Account is the Change Password. Should a user wish to change their password, they may do so here by clicking on the Change Password listing.

.  Under the Streams feature are the Live, Archives and Favourites applications. The Live is where the live streaming video is viewed. The Archives are where the video from previous days may be viewed and down-loaded as MP4 video clips. The Favourites is where a user may create a viewing group of multiple video streams.

. Under the Clients are the; Upload, Manage, View listings. Video clips created in the Archives area of the Streams may be uploaded to the Vault where they may then be managed and viewed.

Dashboard View
  • This gives a snapshot for the status of the account.
  • The views will change based on the user level that has been logged in.

. This is the number of licensed devices that are available for the account. This account has 14 licenses.

. This is the number of active devices for the account. 4 devices are active.

. This is the number of devices for the account that are offline. 1 device is offline.

. This is the status of the account with reference to payment.  Should there be a problem with the account, maybe a past due payment, the Account Status will show as Pending.  Pending means that the surveillance video will still be recording but it will not be viewable until the payment issue has been resolved.