What are Favourites?
  • Favourites are custom viewing groups of the live video stream from selected cameras or video encoder channels.
  • Each customer user may create their own favourites.
  • You may then view the video from these selected devices by clicking on the favourite in the listing of the created favourites.

In this lesson, we will show how to create and then view a Favourite for the customer user.

How to create a Favourite?
  • A Favourite is created from the STREAMS – LIVE page. This is the same page that we reviewed in Lesson 4.
  • To reach the STREAMS – LIVE page, just click on the Live listing under the Streams. Not seeing the listings, just click on the .

Then click on the Live listing.

This will display the STREAMS – LIVE page.

  • Next, select the devices for which you wish to view the video streams. Just click on the box to the left of the Device Name.
  • For this example, we have selected the Demo Main Street and Demo Office Entry devices.
  • You may use the   to select all of the available devices. Changed your mind, just click on the Deselect All.

  • Once that you have selected the devices for which you wish to view the video streams, click on the New.

  • A page will appear for where you will be requested to give the New favourite a name.
  • We have given the new favourite the name of Test Favourite.
  • Then we click on the Name button to save the Test Favourite.

  • A message will then appear “Favourite group created successfully”.
  • Then, just click on the OK button.

How to View a Favourite?

In the Dashboard, under the Streams feature, the Favourites listing will show.

Should you not be seeing the Favourites listing, just click on the that shows to the right of the Streams.

The Favourites listing will then show.

  • Now, we need to click on the Favourites listing.
  • This will display the STREAMS – FAVOURITES page.
  • The Test Favourite is now showing in the list of the created favourites.
  • To Play a favourite, we just click on the  icon. To  Delete a favourite, just click on the .
  • The selected favourite will then show in a new tab web page.


Here is what the Test Favourite will show.

  • The video streams will be playing from the selected devices.
  • By bringing your mouse pointer to the lower part of video, the playback controls will show.