In this lesson, we will show how to change the password for the customer user.

Under the Account feature, the Change Password listing will show.

  • Should you not be seeing the Change Password listing, just click on the that shows to the right of the Account. The Change Password listing will then show.
  • Now, we need to click on the Change Password listing.

  • The [VMS DEMONSTRATION] is the name of the user. In this case, this is; VMS DEMONSTRATION.
  • When you have logged in with your user, your user name will show here.
  • The name of the user that is logged in will always show in the title of the Change Password page.

What can we do, and not do, on the Change Password page?
  • On the Change Password page, you may change your current password to a new password.
  • Passwords are unique and¬†should be 7 characters long with 1 uppercase character and 1 number. An example is; Passw0rd.

Name: * Test. This is the user name. It cannot be changed by the Customer User. You will notice that it has a *. This is because this was a required field when the user account was created.

  1. Password: Current: This field is outlined. This means that you may enter the current password to have it changed. You would enter your current password here.
  2. New: Here, you will enter the name of the new password. You must enter a new password.
  3. Re enter Password: Re enter the name of the new password. This is required.

. Click on the Save button to save your changes.

  • Should you not have entered a new unique password, or, should you not have re entered the password correctly to match the new password, you will receive an error message.