How to request support from our HelpDesk?

To request support from our HelpDesk, please fill in the Request Support form below. Your request will then be entered into our system and we will be notified.

As a support request may involve changes to the customer account, user or cameras in the Video Management System software, you must include your name and your username for your user account. This is required so that we may verify that you are a user for the customer account.

Available Times?

Should you need us to be available at a particular time, these are the times that we are available. All times are Central time. Select the day for which you wish for us to be available. If you wish to specify a particular hour, just add this to the Comments area located at the bottom of the form.

Why is this necessary?

Perhaps you have a situation where the router at the location needs to be updated with a new public IP address. For your account, we need to update the camera set up in the Video Management System software. Also, when the camera setup has been updated, it will need to be verified that the video can be viewed from a remote Internet connection in the Video Management System software.

The fields that have a * are required.